Best Guides Team is a group of professional licensed tour guides of St. Petersburg. We all graduated from St. Petersburg State University. We all have been working as guides and interpreters for the best tour companies and providing private tours in St. Petersburg for none less than 8 years, and we all love our city and enjoy our work a lot.

At the same time we are very good friends, so we joined together in order to provide you with the best possible guided tours of St. Petersburg and its fabulous sights and museums.

St. Petersburg is a special city with its own charm and character, magnificent architecture and 300 years of extremely rich history. We are able to introduce you to all this in the best way possible, filling your trip with detailed information and thrilling stories that make the buildings live.



St. Petersburg is really my city. I love it passionately. I was born here and my parents and three of my grandparents were born here as well. The history of my family became part of the city history. It’s one of the reasons why I decided to be a guide.

I love my work and I think that this profession is very important and exiting. When I show my city to the guests I think that the main point is not to give as many facts and figures as possible and even not to tell funny stories from our past time which make people laugh but to give the feeling of our history and culture. When at the end of the tour my guests tell me: “Your history is so fascinating! Your culture is so rich! We never suspected it! When we return home the first thing we do – we buy books about Russia and start reading… “- then I think my job is well done.

anna-aAnna Avdeyeva

My name is Anna Avdeyeva.

I am Russian, and St. Petersburg is my native city. I am married and have two daughters. I have three University degrees: biology, veterinary medicine and linguistics.

I enjoy introducing people to my city. There are certain things one must not miss during their life. And visiting St. Petersburg is one of them.

This city is one of the miracles of the world. It not only has beautiful architecture, world famous museums with exquisite art collections, magnificent Royal palaces with luxurious interiors – it also has a soul of its own. It is the result of 300 years of the richest history and several generations of citizens adding their lines to it. You can not see it in movies or find it in the internet. You can only feel it when you come here yourself. So you are welcome to St. Petersburg and I hope this trip will become one of the best experiences of your life.


Hi! I’m Inna. I graduated from St. Petersburg State University where I majored in philology. I speak English and French. I also teach these languages at the same university. I love art and I’m very much interested in history. That’s the main reason why I chose guiding as my second profession or I should rather say my favourite pastime. St. Petersburg is an amazing city, there is so much to see, to discover and experience here. It’ll be my pleasure to help you do that!


I really love my native city and want the other people feel the same especially after a visit to St.Petersburg.

I have worked as a guide for many St.Petersburg travel companies. I have been interested in the history of my city since my childhood and I keep studying it now. The profession of a guide helps me in it.

Like many people I like traveling. I have been to many cities and I am sure that St.Petersburg is at the top of the list of the most beautiful cities of the world. The streets of this magnificent city can tell you history of Russia.


I graduated from the State Pedagogical University of St. Petersburg where I studied Philology and Chemistry. For 5 years I worked as a teacher at school. As a hobby, I used to spend practically every weekend at some museum (there are so many in St. Petersburg) studying history and art history. A special treat for me was to take some of my foreign friends to the Hermitage or Peterhoff and to see how impressed they were with the beauty of St. Petersburg.

One day it occurred to me that my hobby could actually be my job. I took guide-training courses, got guiding licenses from all the main museums of St. Petersburg and started a new life.

I’ve been working as an English-, Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking guide since 2007 and never regretted this change in my career. I really enjoy it. I admire St. Petersburg.


According to my education I am a professional historian. While I was studying in the University, history for me consisted mainly of books in libraries or documents in archives. Everything changed after I graduated.

Saint-Petersburg IS alive Russian history. Every stone in the historical centre speaks of it, every building breezes with the lives of its old owners. As a guide and a historian, I can “translate” the language of our city into the music of human souls. I love Saint-Petersburg and my job gives me chance to “infect” guests of our city with this love.

I have been working as a guide since 2006 and now I understand that I am not a historian who writes books and discovers new documents in archives but a guide who helps to reveal the incredible heritage of Saint-Petesburg to the World.

anna-nAnna Nekrasova

I graduated from the University of Culture and Art, department of history of world’s culture. Very often, I spent free time walking along the streets of St. Petersburg with my friends, relatives, as well as other people who knew me and visited St. Petersburg on different occasions. I showed the city to them and became their tour guide :). I enjoyed their life stories, as well as intellectual conversations about culture, history and art, but that was just a hobby first. So, finally I decided to turn the hobby into my work and my lifestyle. More than 10 years I have been working as a professional guide and I love my job!

We consider our guides to be the best. We know this profession from inside and we know how hard they have to work to be the best. We appreciate their work and we are very proud of them. All our guides are very creative, intellectual, knowledgeable and artistic and all of them are real stars. We enjoy working with them a lot and consider ourselves to be extremely lucky to work with such a team.

Welcome to our beloved city St. Petersburg! It’s a great city with rich culture and fantastic history and our team of high professionals will do whatever is possible to make your visit interesting, exciting and unforgettable.

Your Best Guides,

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